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Conférence reportée ASCOPE 2020

11/06/2020 - 12/06/2020

Attention, conférence reportée en fin d’année 2020 en raison du COVID-19,
une nouvelle date vous sera communiquée ultérieurement.

The 2008 global financial crisis and the subsequent economic stagnation – characterized by low rates of growth, massive destruction of productive capacities and mass unemployment – revealed a fundamental crisis of the economic theories that failed to predict it and to provide convincing explanations of their causes. The emergence of old and new risks, including a new global financial crisis and a worldwide ecological crisis, highlight the need for alternative theoretical and empirical methodologies able to cope with the inherent complexity of economic and social systems, for instance in order to explain and predict extreme events such as natural catastrophes, financial crisis and persistent economic recessions.

At the crossroads of economics, social sciences and computer science (namely multi-agent systems), the agent-based methodology (ABM hereafter) is an important and promising candidate for a theoretical and methodological revolution. Social sciences are observing an increasing interest towards this methodology, which is creating strong linkages between complementary fields of knowledge, including economic, sociological, psychological and natural sciences. Within the academic community of economists, the stock flow consistent (SFC hereafter) methodology is also leading a successful competition to standard paradigms when it comes to explain and predict economic, financial and ecological collapses. We observe in the recent years a rising communication between these two approaches, leading to the emergence of a new agent-based, stock flow consistent (AB-SFC) methodological framework. The AB and SFC methodologies, which benefited initially of a large disappointment towards standard methodologies and a growing demand for alternatives, are now facing a new challenge: to explain and provide policy guidelines to cope with the major contemporary concerns – namely, the risk of a secular economic stagnation and a worldwide ecological crisis – with credibility and scientific rigor.

Un projet de recherche qui bénéficie du soutien de la MSH Paris Nord dans le cadre de son appel à projets.

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